GDPR as a business enabler


The GDPR software solution for compliance


At its core, GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) is designed to improve the data privacy of individuals in Europe, which will impact all companies doing business within the EU. Unfortunately, due to the risk of a high penalty and fines, many companies see the GDPR as a restriction and threat to their company and their current way of conducting business. However, going through the GDPR process with the right tools and mindset - just might turn out to be a great business enabler and cost saver to your company. By implementing the LogPoint SIEM solution, your company will comply to some of the critical GDPR requirements:

  • Location of current data and who has access.
  • Tracking of cross-border data flow.
  • Rapid data breach detection.
  • 72-hour breach notification upon detection


By utilizing the LogPoint solution, you can monitor access to systems where sensitive personal data is stored as well as monitor security across all systems and receive relevant alerts when they are triggered. LogPoint provides your business with the overview of international data transfers, allowing your security officer to map data movement outside the EU ensuring all transfers take place in a lawful manner. LogPoints ability to automatically detect unusual behavior in networks and applications can be used to support the monitoring and prevention of misuse as well as data breaches, which is at the core of the GDPR. As LogPoint securely stores all relevant event data if a data breach occurs, all evidence is ready, at your fingertips to quickly assess, respond and communicate appropriately. By utilizing LogPoint, you can further set up reports which gives management important overviews, demonstrate compliance and assist auditors. Mapping the organization's data and monitoring files enables you with a more straightforward investigation of data breaches. Having an overview of data breaches is particularly important in regard to the requirements to be able to demonstrate compliance and to notify them authorities (and potentially the affected data subjects) of a data breach within 72 hours upon detection of data breach.


The investment in LogPoint is relatively low, and it is returned plenty of times in case of a data breaches. Furthermore, you might find it surprising that LogPoint also has a direct positive effect on your operational costs. If an organization is unaware of data in their IT infrastructure, implementing LogPoint gives the opportunity to optimize processes and uncover dark data along with mapping valuable operational insights, thus saving cost by proactively fixing insufficiencies, optimizing data storage and much more. LogPoint has seen time and time again that customers deploy the solution to solve an issue pertaining to compliance or risk, while harvesting substantial benefits from their IT Operations, for instance by allowing first level supporters direct access to core infrastructure information in a clear and controlled manner - reducing the time to fix and keeping your organization on the move. Implementing a SIEM solution from LogPoint is relatively easy, and we have worked hard to provide GDPR and other use cases available "out-of-the-box," which translates into clear benefits from day one. As LogPoint immediately starts collecting logs you will get a fast and comprehensive understanding of the data flows in your organization, visualized by easy to read dashboards. New observations will come to play as LogPoint reveals data flows previously unknown to the enterprise. This new real-time view enables you to focus on critical issues and areas of non-compliant handling of data.


LogPoint provides you with easy-to-read dashboards that give you the overall insights across your business systems, applications and data storage. Thus, getting critical parts of your business compliant for GDPR.

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Why LogPoint?

With LogPoint, you will discover a full enterprise SIEM solution. 

LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified and the solution is tailored to solve the specific security management challenges of your business - whether the goal is compliance, forensics or operational insight.

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