Logpoint delivers full log visibility
and management at a predictable cost to
Rémy Cointreau

With Logpoint, the French luxury spirits company Rémy Cointreau, has managed to achieve visibility over siloed security information. Delivered as a Managed Services solution by certified partner Open Minded, the Logpoint solution provides full log visibility and management at a predictable cost.


Rémy Cointreau is a French family-owned group with origins dating back to 1724. The current group, formed by the 1990 merger between E. Rémy Martin & Cie and Cointreau & Cie, has managed to preserve its family character and focus on the long-term growth of its brands. Rémy Cointreau, which employs 1.860 people worldwide, is listed on the NYSE Euronext in Paris. Its consolidated turnover reached €1.12 billion in 2017.

“We’re aiming at leadership of the luxury spirits market,” says Xavier Leschaeve, CISO of the Rémy Cointreau group. When he took up his position in 2015, the company was in the midst of a transformation with a new CEO, and a whole new strategy. To support this strategy, the IT department spearheading migration to the Cloud, stressing agility and a hands-on approach.

A number of factors were deciding in our choice. A key reason was the fact, that the price of the managed service solution is entirely reasonable. Billing is based on the number of nodes and not on data volume. This is important when using Endpoint Detection and Response. EDR can suddenly generate large numbers of logs. We had to match our budget to our needs, without any unpleasant surprises.

Xavier Leschaeve, CISO,

Rémy Cointreau Group

Xavier Leschaeve, CISO,

The challenge

Implementing and meshing multiple security components like Antivirus systems, EDRs, web proxies, CASBs, SSOs, and Anti-Spam tools can generate a vast amounts of log data and alerts, that all need to be handled. Rémy Cointreau has silo visibility over its data without correlation and consequently has difficulty detecting and processing incidents.

In addition, all logs had to be centralized and stored to comply with regulations. The obvious solution was to create a SOC and build in a SIEM system. However, with an IT team of 50 people and two full-time positions assigned to IT security, this solution could not be implemented in-house. Consequently, the decision was made to launch a tender for a Managed Services solution. In addition to the initial technical specifications, there were specific requirements. The managed services selected had to be both flexible and suited to the company’s size and environment. The right solution had to provide an easy way to add solutions on-site and in the Cloud.

Rémy Cointreau also needed to access the SIEM system to do its own searches and produce specific reports. And, Xavier Leschaeve wanted to maintain full cost control with a predictable budget. Logpoint delivered by certified partner Open Minded was the solution of choice.

The solution

Download the full case to learn how Logpoint delivers full log visibility and management at a predictable cost to Rémy Cointreau: