Close the InfoSec Skills Gap:
Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan

While workforces around the world have been heroic responding in real time to rapidly changing conditions, many companies are not yet equipped or staffed to safeguard and manage their data.

We must all face that the speed of technological development is increasing, cybercrime is outpacing cybersecurity and there is unprecedented demand for sophisticated cybersecurity. There is also a massive shortfall of the specialists we require to implement and support these innovative technologies – and our needs will only continue to increase.

So that you may act with the speed and insight needed to thrive in today’s world,
Info-Tech Research Group has a plan for systematically sourcing required cybersecurity teams.

To learn more, and step-by-step guidance to determine needed skills and how to acquire them, fill in the form on this page.

Why you need to read this report:

1) All organizations need increased resilience and all need a plan to manage cybersecurity’s global skills gap.
– Plan now to address future needs – specifically, to achieve insight and cross-functional agility in both operations and security.

2) Long-term resilience in our fast-changing world requires innovative leadership and digitization upskilling.
– This transformation will require senior executive leadership involvement and continued acquisition of specialists to manage cascading priorities.

3) It is both an engineering challenge, and a business-model transformation.
– In 2021, nearly two-thirds of companies expect that the digitization of their core business is essential to remaining economically viable. This requires upgrading your IT and tech infrastructure – and more essentially, transforming your business model to insert software into the core.

4) Utilize an impact scale to prioritize your skill acquisitions
– After considering your organization’s strategy and the pressure you face – prioritize your decisions based on: data criticality, durability, urgency, availability, frequency.

5) Accept that exponential development means there will always be a skills gap.
– You must expect change.