by Matthew Rhodes, Regional Director for MSSP & Consulting Partners

When I joined Logpoint back in October 2021 one constant was the notion of “Danish Heritage” and the relationship to Logpoint’s company values

This led me into researching Danish heritage. I came across “hygge”, a fashionable phrase around the world, the idea of inner warmth and comfort. Other Danish values come from the Law of Jante whereby all people are equal, therefore trusting one another. “Danish society is a society of high trust in each other and has been so for centuries. This is probably based on it’s mostly a homogeneous society, that shares the same culture, values, language, and religious system. The trust in each other creates a society of safety, well-being, and trustworthy relationships”.

I led with trust because one of the Logpoint key values is being Customer Centric – we want to listen, understand and develop for our customers ensuring we continue to build and grow on the trust that we have with them that’s driven by two-way communication and that is why we started our research project “What MSSPs really want??

First off, to ensure the trust and integrity of our research we thought it was imperative that this research was completed by an independent specialist organization. This also provides our MSSPs with the assurances that they could be open and honest with all their feedback – this very much added to the value of this research.

What did we find out?

The feedback we received was invaluable. One of the biggest takeaways for us is that the majority of MSSPs have the same challenges, and equally are striving for similar outcomes from their processes, technologies, and people, flexibility is key. Areas like flexible delivery models whereby bundling functions together is enabled, couple that with smooth integration predictable pricing models all enabling them to perform their role to the best of their ability having a true relationship with the technology provider, as well as being able to easily document service value to clients are some standout areas of importance.

It is vital for us to know that our roots and company values are in line with the work that we do, the service we provide and the role that we play in the relationships that we foster.

Following the report, we will continue to adhere to our company values, to listen to our MSSP partners, and use their feedback to make our product, programs, and people better in a bid to support their needs.

Last of all… Thank you to all of the businesses and organizations that took up partnership with us we will look forward to a long and trusting partnership.


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