There is a wide range of tools developed to collect and analyze logs. Common for all tools is that without log analysis, the tool is as worthless as a plane without a pilot. And just as a pilot on an airplane, if an alarm occurs, the log analyst must make a decision and act.

Situational awareness

For both a pilot and a log analysis tool, situational awareness is extremely important. Situational awareness is a concept used to better understand complex situations and systems and is formed by the influence of the environment, technical system capacity, stress, complexity, and degree of automation. Situational awareness can be seen as a snapshot including all these factors and is used by the log analysis tool to carry out actions.

Lack of situational awareness could be a problem in cybersecurity because log analysts monitor large amounts of data in very complex networks that often are geographically distributed. So, just how we would only let an experienced pilot fly the airplane, the same goes for a log analysis tool: it needs to be utilized by an experienced log analyst.

Implementation of processes

It is critical that when using a log analysis tool, the organization must have defined and implemented processes to act on if any abnormal activity is detected. This could include more or less any department of the company, such as for example HR – monitoring if employees are acting against corporate terms and conditions.

Value of the analyst

A log analysis tool can make a huge contribution to a company’s operations in many ways, but don’t forget the log analyst. Together they can move mountains! LogPoint has a fantastic log analysis tool and in our partner community we have extremely competent log analysts. Together we can rock the world!

If you want to improve your skills as a log analysts and contribute to our partner community, contact us to learn more about our training program.