Jesper Zerlang SH1 

Jesper Zerlang

Jesper Zerlang has his background from the larger corporate companies like Telia, Dell, HP and A.P. Moller Maersk – always with a strong customer focus and passion for his employees.

His strong entrepreneurial interests has driven him to smaller organizations to spark innovation and growth – with experiences in businesses of private equity, IP Telephony, IT hardware technologies and IT security.

Jesper serves on the board of directors in other high-potential software companies – he has supplemented his academic background with executive management programmes from Harvard Business School in 2003.

LinkedIn: Jesper Zerlang


Søren Laustrup SH

Søren Laustrup
Founder, SVP International Markets

Søren is experienced in building strong customer-focused field organizations, driving operational excellence and growing businesses.

Søren's success can be attributed to relentless attention to customer satisfaction and his company's objectives while establishing a sales and coaching culture. He is responsible for all global markets outside Scandinavia.

With his leadership experience and a deep understanding of the enterprise software market, Søren is key in ensuring the global reach by LogPoint.

Prior to founding LogPoint, Søren has worked within the IT sector since the early 90'ties with the focus on building profitable sales organizations towards the enterprise market.

LinkedIn: Søren Laustrup


Peter Melsen SH

Peter Melsen 

Peter Melsen has his background in complex IT operations and software integration and development.

For 10 years, he was Head of Operations at the Danish incumbent TDC Hosting, managing around 10,000 servers.

Prior to this position, Peter served as a developer and Technical Project Manager at a software company delivering complex newspaper solutions worldwide.

His background has gained him a deep knowledge inside the areas of the IT Security Industry, IT Operations and customer satisfaction, as well as strong technical and managerial skills.

Peter holds a Master of Science from Aalborg University, Denmark (1989).

LinkedIn: Peter Melsen

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