What are the components of a LogPoint deployment?

A LogPoint deployment consists of three modules for the LogPoint architecture: Collector, Back End, Search Head
Depending on the size of the deployment, these modules can either be deployed within an all-in-one (virtual or physical) appliance or in separate appliances. In multiple/large deployments the LogPoint Director (central management console) would also be a part of the solution.

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How are multiple/large deployments manged in LogPoint?

The LogPoint Director setup allows customers to manage from a single, up to hundreds of LogPoint systems. LogPoint Director allows customers to orchestrate, automate, and integrate the management, software updates, and distribution of analytic packs across large installations either through a UI or well-defined RESTful APIs. MSSPs highlight that Director is a highly robust and mature design to scale and operate LogPoint securely in a multi-tenant and federated deployments.

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