Copenhagen: 28. September 2015 – The first European provider of SIEM-solutions, LogPoint has achieved an EAL 3+ certification. This means that the LogPoint SIEM-platform now formally can be deployed in industries and sectors with extremely high security standards such as defence, police and intelligence, as well as offering further comfort to sectors with a sophisticated regulatory environment such as telecommunications, energy-sectors, and the financial sector. Sometimes referred to as a NATO-certification, the EAL-certification is a requirement for suppliers to the Western defence alliance.

”This certification underlines LogPoint’s move from regional European powerhouse to a true global Cyber Security leader over the last few years. We are the only European provider of SIEM-solutions that has achieved an EAL certification and we are the first Danish company ever to achieve an EAL 3+ certification. The EAL-certification opens up an enormous market for us, which has previously been dominated by American information technology giants like IBM, HP and Splunk”, says Jesper Zerlang, CEO of LogPoint.

LogPoint develops and sells a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, which enables enterprises and organizations to proactively monitor their networks and identify security threats in real-time to prevent cyber-attacks and fulfil their compliance requirements, including the GDRP. An effective SIEM-solution is one of the cornerstones in Enterprise grade network security and the LogPoint SIEM-platform is already used by many Enterprise, Public and SME organizations across Europe.

”The EAL-certification is a very effective door opener for us, and sparked huge interest when we presented it at the NATO NIAS2015 Cyber Security Symposium at the beginning of September. We saw significant interest in a flexible and scalable solution from a credible European vendor. Just the fact that we have been in the certification process has meant that we have won orders from police and energy companies”, said Zerlang.

The certification means that LogPoint’s software has been examined, verified and documented to the Common Criteria standard – also called ISO/IEC IS 15408. The process was started in the autumn of 2013 in cooperation with the US Defence and Aerospace giant Boeing. The partners have invested millions of Euros and thousands of working hours in the project. The certification itself and the associated certificate, which now proudly hangs on the wall at LogPoint headquarters in Copenhagen, was issued by CSEC, an authority under the Swedish Ministry of Defence.

Zerlang expanded on the following point, “SIEM is a technology that has been available for a few years as one that can help organisations make sense of their security landscape, helping to minimize risks present both from internal and external sources.  However, we’ve discovered that organisations have found the whole SIEM experience disheartening, often proving to be cumbersome, time consuming and extremely expensive to deploy and live with.  LogPoint maintains that it doesn’t have to be this way, and the EAL certification underlines that: SIEM should be simple to deploy, simple to use and predictable to pay for without ever sacrificing sophistication or power.  LogPoint’s European customers are enjoying the benefits of Danish design and European engineering prowess”

Across Europe, LogPoint have a number of public authorities, organizations and enterprises on the client list, including companies such as Copenhagen Airports, Eismann Group Automotive and Food wholesaler Aligro. The clients are served through a network of partners, which includes infrastructure and security specialists such as KMD, ATOS, ATEA and Software Box. Since LogPoint started it’s EAL-certification process in late 2013, the company has grown organically from 30 to 80 employees and has opened offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and France.


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About LogPoint:
LogPoint is a SIEM pioneer founded in Denmark, having introduced our SIEM product to the market in 2008. Today, over 300 clients throughout Europe are experiencing the LogPoint difference. Combining Scandinavian simplicity and European detail, LogPoint technology is designed to transform big data into an effortless package. LogPoint users enjoy how easily it adapts to stay in sync with client needs – from surpassing compliance demands, to seamlessly defending against cybercrime and fraud, and optimizing IT operations. LogPoint is the most flexible platform available for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring all data – whether they are generated by applications, databases, or infrastructure, or involve sensitive assets, manufacturing systems, or security systems. The scale-as-you-grow principle allows for quick and easy visualization with only a few resources – no matter how vast the IT landscape, no matter how dense the data. With headquarters in Copenhagen, our sales and support offices are located throughout Europe and our partnerships reach across the globe.