Meeting Information Security Logging Standards with SAP Security

Lack or deficiencies in logging and analysis may prevent organizations from being compliant towards legislation and regulations as well as allowing attackers to hide their location, malicious software, and activities on victim machines.

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SAP under attack: Be aware of the gap

SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software and is used by 92% of Forbes Global 2000 companies. This includes organizations distributing 78% of the world’s food and 82% of the world’s medical devices. SAP systems hold large amounts of sensitive personal data in Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Sales, SRM, and CRM, and other modules of the system…

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The importance of SAP® Read Access Log in times of GDPR

The protection of corporate intellectual property is becoming more and more important in times of cybercrime. As Intellectual property is stored in the IT systems of companies Networks and IT systems today need comprehensive protection. This remains an eternal race against ever-new vectors of attack. In addition to intellectual property of companies, personal data in particular is another important area of sensitive data…

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SAP Logging

SAP Security – Recommended Best Practices– Meeting Information Security Logging Standards

Our free guide “Meeting Information Security Standards with SAP Security” provides recommendations and best practices for SAP security, based on conversations and experiences of working with SAP customers.  This document is a base template on how to approach Information Security Logging standards and how they can ensure individual accountability and provide evidence of legal requirements… 

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Bridging the SAP Security Gap in your Digital Transformation

During this session you will learn:

  • What can happen to your business if your SAP system is compromised, including failure of SAP audits and loss of IP. 
  • Why is SAP seen as a blindspot in any security strategy?
  • Why incorporating SAP into a cybersecurity platform that includes SIEM, SOAR and UEBA can provide consistent insight into what is happening across the organization.

Christoph Aschauer, from LogPoint shares how you can eliminate the SAP security blind spots by protecting your business-critical SAP systems from fraud and cyberattacks. LogPoint for SAP integrates SAP systems with security information and event management (SIEM) for compliance and security monitoring. With LogPoint for SAP, organizations can continuously monitor their business-critical data to detect and quickly respond to fraud and threats within SAP.