Logpoint prioritizes incidents based on risk, helping you know what to focus so you can reach your goals fast.

Incident prioritization guides your response to the incidents that matter most, reducing the impact your organization faces from threats.

Easily drill down into incidents, identify patterns and instantly see supporting contextual and raw data for efficient threat hunting.

Logpoint’s single taxonomy makes it easy to pivot around the network across data sources, quickly gather information and easily filter it. Available out-of-the-box, Logpoint has a low learning curve and data is easy to navigate and investigate.

Logpoint UEBA assigns meaningful risk scores to every user in your network for increased situational awareness. A maximum score and list of behaviors that contribute to the score give you full context about how to respond.

UEBA is source agnostic, which means we support use cases from any type of data from any application, giving you a powerful tool to detect unusual behavior.

It’s easy to automatically create tickets about incidents that need further action, accelerating response.

Logpoint saves you time by streamlining tasks, including searching for threat indicators and automatically recording the information into a central platform for further reference.